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Horizon Express Ltd simply covers everything a client might ask for. We do not turn down any inquiry … we will work to fulfill it at the required timeline. Here is a list of our services and make sure to check our website for updates and additions – or – simply register to our monthly newsletter and keep yourself posted with the latest Travel news.

Our Activities:

-Information on best possible routes, airlines, fares.
-Advice on travel planning, itinerary, hotels.
-Arrangement for changes in itinerary, cancellation, refund etc.
-Assistance at Zia International Airport (if required)
-Special discounts on personal and family travels
-Confirmation of reservation with PNR through e-mail
-Free visa forms for all Diplomatic Missions in Bangladesh
-Visa assistance for a number of Diplomatic Missions
-Special promotions offer in exotic locations around the world
-Domestic airline tickets
-Allocation of preferred seats

Our Objective

To become a model of excellence as a travel service management company with one-stop and world-class services to international travelers.

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